Sunburn Home Remedies Vinegar

Sunburn Home Remedies Vinegar

Vinegar has long been used as a great ingredient for a variety of uses. It has long been used as a cooking ingredient for flavoring meals or helping other ingredients to break down properly. It has even been used as a cleaning agent for a variety of stains around many surfaces. When it comes to sunburn home remedies vinegar is just as ideal of an ingredient as other compounds may be.

Vinegar is a popular compound that can be easily found at any supermarket in your area. It’s a versatile compound that will work wonders on your skin when used properly. It is not too hard to use one of many vinegar remedy options to take care of your sunburn issue. In fact, this will work well on not only sunburned skin but also with the sunburn paid you might be feeling.


What Makes Vinegar Work?

Vinegar is an ideal treatment to help remedy sunburns. There are many great reasons why it is so useful:

  • Vinegar naturally contains 5 to 20 percent acetic acid. This is a natural skin moisturizer and is even one of the active ingredients in traditional aspirin tablets. It soothes skin that suffers from irritation relating to sunburns.
  • Vinegar also calms how the skin responds to sunburn. It keeps the peeling relating to the sunburn from being worse than it could be.
  • It also calms the itching and rash that develops from sunburn. This relaxes the skin and keeps it from feeling more pain.

When applied in a diluted form onto the skin, it will be easier for you to recover from the irritation and pain that comes from sunburn. This is an effective and easy to use solution that is not too hard to use and will keep you from feeling irritated.

Dilution Is Important

While the compounds in vinegar are useful to take care of sunburns, you will have to watch for how the vinegar is prepared. You must have the vinegar properly diluted. It needs to be mixed with water among other items for the best results.

While vinegar itself can be beneficial, it can become a significant skin irritant if it is applied onto your skin without being diluted. It can also create a substantial odor that might be tough to wash off after a while. Also, since vinegar is an acid, it can cause burns if used without being diluted first.

You can always test a small amount of vinegar on your skin before using it. A small skin test can help to see if your skin can respond to diluted vinegar without problems.

The dilution process should only work with water. This is to keep the vinegar from being harmful and otherwise irritating to your skin. If used carefully enough, it will be easier for your skin to feel comfortable and easy to handle. Remember that using dilution can make a world of difference as you are aiming to keep your skin comfortable.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work Too?

Apple cider vinegar has been discussed as a great solution for many conditions and needs. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a treatment for sunburn.

The difference between the two vinegars comes from how they are made. While traditional vinegar is made with bacteria known as Acetobacter aceti or grain alcohol that has been fermented, apple cider vinegar comes from fermented apple cider.

Apple cider vinegar contains many acids like citric, formic, lactic and malic acid. These are ideal for many home remedies but they may also work amazingly well for sunburns. This should assist with calming the skin and preventing serious problems from developing. These include problems relating to rashes, peeling and other things caused by sunburn.

You can always use apple cider vinegar if you prefer but the option will be up to you. It might help to use apple cider vinegar if your skin is suffering from more pains than necessary. This may also be worthwhile if you are dealing with rashes that are not going away due to sunburn. The irritation can be extreme but it can be controlled if you know what to do with taking care of your skin.

Shower Treatment

Now that you understand how vinegar works and why it is important for you to dilute it before using it, there are many treatments that deserve to be explored. For starters, you can work with a shower treatment to control the effects of sunburn.

  • Start by taking a shower with room temperature water. Do not use anything overly hot or cold as it might irritate your sunburned skin. Also, avoid using soap as it might add more of a coating onto the skin.
  • Dry off your body with a comfortable towel. Use a padding motion to take care of excess moisture.
  • Soak the washcloth or towel in a mixture of two parts water and one part vinegar.
  • Apply the towel onto the skin for about fifteen minutes. Repeat this as needed until the pains go away.

You can always sit in a bathtub filled with two parts lukewarm water and one part vinegar for about fifteen minutes if preferred. This should relax your skin if used properly.

Adding Yogurt To the Skin

Yogurt may be applied as a home sunburn treatment to ease your skin. Yogurt can be used as a compound to relax and calm your skin.

To use yogurt, take care of your vinegar shower or bath first. After you are done using the bath or shower and using the vinegar, apply yogurt onto the skin for about ten minutes. Wash it off with cool water after that time period.

This should make the vinegar more effective as the bacteria cultures found in yogurt will prolong the life of the cultures in vinegar. This in turn improves upon how well you can recover from sunburn.

Do use regular yogurt in this case though. Anything flavored or adjusted with outside ingredients will actually hurt your skin.

Using a Spray Bottle

You can also use a spray bottle to cool off your skin with vinegar. A good bottle will provide a cooling sensation to your skin if used properly.

  • Use the same standard mixture of two parts water and one part vinegar.
  • Move the mixture into a spray bottle. This should be filled up well with the bottle itself fully clean.
  • Spray the mixture onto the impacted area every hour as needed. Make sure the area is clean and doesn’t have anything covering it.

This can work for as long as necessary. Keep the sprays about an hour between each other so the risk of added burns will not be a threat.

Key Tips

Here are a few tips for using vinegars sunburn sufferers should use:

  • If you start to feel any pain or irritation while using a vinegar-based treatment, stop using it immediately. This means that your skin may not be able to handle the vinegar. Of course, you should review how well the mixture has been made based on how much water and vinegar has been mixed. This could be a sign that your 
  • Always use clean towels when applying vinegar and water onto your skin. You can always use a towel that you dried yourself off with too provided that your skin has been fully cleared off and anything that was applied onto it has been fully removed.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t get immediate results when using vinegar-based sunburn remedies. Sunburns can heal in about two to five days depending on how well the treatment works. It may heal faster provided that you are persistent with the general treatment you are using.
  • Don’t bother with ingesting the vinegar if you want to control your sunburn. While ingesting diluted vinegar, particularly apple cider vinegar, may work in small doses for some conditions that is not the case for sunburns. You are better off applying it topically.

Good luck with your efforts in keeping sunburns under control. By using the points listed in this guide, you will have an easier time with controlling your skin and keeping sunburns from being worse than they could be. Be sure to watch for how you use vinegar though as it can be dangerous if not used right.

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