How to Cure Internal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids though not very dangerous to human life have caused a concern to modern human beings mostly living in developed cities and towns. It has been a rampant urban disorder mostly caused by undisciplined life style, stress caused by work leading to higher blood pressures than normal, unhygienic conditions and many more. The anus and the rectum get swollen and inflamed followed by redness, itching and pain. The main reason is the cushioning of the tissue in which the veins connecting the anus and the rectum are embedded. High blood pressure is another reason for itching, pain and sometimes bleeding. Patients suffering from the disorder have to be extremely careful when out of their houses due to bleeding problems in extreme cases.

Hemorrhoids are categorized in to two: external hemorrhoids and the internal ones. It has always been easier to diagnose the external ones because one feels the pain and itching. Contrast to it are the internal hemorrhoids which do not cause pain initially because there are no pain receptors inside the anal opening worsening the situation even more. This makes it difficult in the initial stages and the disorder goes completely undiagnosed. Internal hemorrhoids are sub categorized in to two: prolapsed and strangulated both of which are severe cases. When the initially formed internal hemorrhoid moves out of the anal opening, it causes extreme pain and is known as prolapsed hemorrhoid. Spasm of sphincter muscles responsible for contraction and relaxation of the anal muscles during bowel movements or defecation can cause another trouble. During a sphincter muscle spasm, the prolapsed hemorrhoid (the one which has moved out of the anal opening) may come in touch with the sphincter muscle forming a strangulated hemorrhoid.

Several methods and treatments are listed which can cure the internal hemorrhoids most of which focus on consolidating the walls of the rectum and the anus and smoothening defecation. The diagnosis if early and quick will ensure complete removal of hemorrhoids. Improving the diet by including more of fibers found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables lead to smooth defecation hampering the further growth of the hemorrhoids and lessen the itching and pain. People at higher stages of the disorder should avoid alcohol and smoking completely and cut down on eating spicy and deep fried food stuff. Proper sleep and rest should be ensured so that the blood pressure remains in control, because high blood pressure always causes more irritation and pain. People should not wear tight fitting undergarments; instead prefer loose ones forming proper ventilation and thus less of itching and irritation. Improving the ergonomics can also cure the hemorrhoids.

Various kinds of creams and ointments are available in the market which can be applied directly over the site. Herbal medicines are also available which can be consumed after consulting a doctor. For more severe hemorrhoids the doctors always suggest advanced surgeries like sclerotherapy, rubber band litigation, the laser technique, Hemorrhoidectomy,Doppler guided surgeries and many more. However, it is always better to consult a doctor rather than avoiding the situation thinking it to be of temporary nature.

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