Home Remedies for Pink Lips

Home Remedies for Pink Lips

Lips color can vary from light pink to brown. The vermillion of the lips; which is the part most people refer to when they talk about lips. Lips skin is made up of three to five cellular layers unlikely to our other body skin, which is made up of several cellular layers. This makes the lip skin so thin and delicate. The blood vessels flowing beneath the cellular layers appear to show the lip color. Light skinned people tend to have light pink lips as their skin allows the blood vessels to appear more clearly as compared to dark-toned people. Dark toned skin won’t allow blood vessels to appear more clearly. Your lip color is determined by the amount of melanin produced by melanocytes. 

Pink Lips
Pink Lips

There are lots of reason people can suffer from lip discoloration, dark lips, and dark lip spots. Lips also contain melanin but on a lesser extent. Over time people develops dark lips due to many factors as any medical problem, bad lifestyle, and food stains. Color of lips can be affected by many factors like sun exposure, color by underlying tissues, smoking, and blood flow. Lip skin is way more sensitive than other skin parts. They need a lot more care, moisturizing, exfoliation, and protection from UV rays.


There are several reasons behind lips turning black, dark, brown, and even blue sometimes. Not taking proper care of lips can cause hyperpigmentation.

  1.   Genetics – Genetics plays a vital role in determining the skin color of our whole body and lips too.
  2.   Caffeine Excessive amount of caffeine can result in lip darkening
  3.   AnemiaLower levels of blood can cause turn the lips dark in color.
  4.   Lack of hydration – Not properly moisturizing the lips is also essential to avoid dark lips.
  5.   UV raysExcessive exposure to harmful UV rays can increase melanin and cause hyperpigmentation, resulting in dark lips.
  6.   SmokingSmoking also causes lips to turn dark.
  7.   CosmeticsReaction due to harmful chemicals in cosmetics can lead to dark lip tone.
  8.   Vitamin deficiencyLow amount of necessary day to day life vitamin deficiency leads to dark lips.
  9. OxygenLow levels of oxygen in blood vessels can make the lip color appear darker.
  10. Trauma or injury – any direct impact injury on the lips can also lead to dark lips.
  11. Addison’s diseasewhen your adrenal gland doesn’t produce enough cortisol, it causes hyperpigmentation. 
  12.     FluorideExcessive fluoride use also can lead to dark lip tone.
  13.     Hormone disorderHigh levels of thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism) can lead to darkening of skin tone.


The smile on a face enhances the value of your face. Pink, fuller and, luscious lips and add brightness to your smile, making you look attractive and beautiful. Dark, dry, and patchy lips can make you look less appealing. Treating hyperpigmentation is done by a surgical process. Laser treatments and chemicals such as hydroquinone & kojic acid are often used to treat hyperpigmentation. But there are some natural pink lips home remedies too which can help you lighten your lips.

Pink lips with lemon & sugar

Lemon acts as a melanin inhibitor and also known as a bleaching agent for skin. The acid in lemon helps in removing blackness and brings back the original lip color. Sugar can help you exfoliate the dead skin tissues on the lips for the fresh skin to appear.

–    Cut a lemon in half.

–    Sprinkle some sugar on top. 

–    Exfoliate your lips with it in a circular motion.

–    It will exfoliate the dead skin for fresher skin to appear.

–    Use these pink lips tips daily for the next few weeks for best results.


Lime is also a citrus fruit which may have properties of producing anti – melanin. The Lime has antibacterial & astringent properties, which can exfoliate the skin and prevent pores from getting clogged.  

–    Add one & half freshly squeezed lime juice in a bowl.

–    Add one teaspoon of pure honey.

–    Also Add one teaspoon of glycerin.

–    Mix together. 

–    Gently apply on the lips before bedtime.

–    Wash it off when you wake up.

–    Try this remedy on a regular basis to see results.

Pink Lips Home Remedies
Pink Lips Home Remedies

Pink lips with sweet almond oil & lemon

A dry, dehydrated lips and its dead skin will eventually make the lips look darker in tone. Sweet almond oil is well known for its moisturizing properties. Almond oil hydrates the lips within and helps to get the complexion back. Lemon is a fantastic skin- lightening agent. A natural skin toner and bleaching agent.

–    Squeeze half lemon juice in a bowl.

–      Add half tablespoon sweet almond oil.

–    Mix well and massage thoroughly on your lips.

–    Leave it for the whole night.

–    Regular use of this remedy can boost blood circulation and helps get back the pink lips.

Pink lips with Beetroot juice

Beetroot is enriched with vitamin C, which helps up clear pigments in the skin. Being a source of iron, phosphorus, and protein beet gives you healthy and pink skin.

–    Grate 2 cm beetroot and drain its juice in a bowl.

–    Add one teaspoon honey to it.

–    Massage it gently on lips.

–    Leave it overnight.

–    Use this remedy regularly to get soft, pink rosy lips.

Pink lips with rose water

Rosewater helps in maintaining ph balance in the skin. With many healing properties, rose water works well for moisturizing and soothing skin.

–    Mix four-five drops of pure rose water with a half teaspoon of pure honey.

–     You can also add crushed fresh rose petals into the paste.

–    Apply gently on your lips.

–    Apply this natural remedy for 2-3 times a day.

–    You can also mix rose water, honey, and milk cream.

–    Apply gently two-three times a day for best results.

Pink lips with turmeric

Turmeric has been reported to reduce hyper-pigmentation. The turmeric can help restore glow and treat uneven tone. Turmeric may also act as a melanin inhibitor.

–    Take one tablespoon milk. 

–    Mix turmeric powder to make a smooth paste.

–    Apply on your lips.

–    Leave it for five-eight minutes.

–    Wash it off with cold water.

–     Pat dry and apply any natural moisturizer.

–    Use this home remedy for pink lips regularly two times a day for desired results.

Brushing your lips

Brushing your lips with a gentle bristle of any tooth-brush, clockwise and anticlockwise will exfoliate the dead skin. Do this pink lips tip for two minutes a day. Do remember to apply any good natural moisturizer afterward


Pomegranate has been found to reduce hyperpigmentation resulting in lightening the skin tone.

–    Crush 1 teaspoon pomegranate seeds.

–    Add pure rose water and honey or milk cream.

–    Gently massage your lips for two to three minutes.

–     This will exfoliate the dead skin on the lips.

–    Wash it off and apply some natural moisturizer afterward.

–    Do this home remedy two times a week for incredible results.


Cucumber is known for tan removal and its cooling effect on the skin.

–    Grate two to three-inch cucumber and drain out its juice in a bowl.

–    Add a few drops of lemon juice and half teaspoon of pure honey.

–    Apply this smooth paste on the dark lips.

–    Let it dry for 30 minutes.

–    Wash it off with cold water.

–    Try this 2-3 times a day for best results.


 Coconut oil – Massage your lips with pure coconut oil for 2 minutes daily 2-3 times a day. You can also apply coconut oil before heading to bed.

Olive oilOlive oil brings back and deeply moisturizer the dried dark lips and turning them into pink lips once again. You can do this daily two to three times.

StrawberryCrush one ripped strawberry and add one teaspoon of baking soda. Apply this paste on your lips. Leave overnight and rinse with cold water.

Mustard oilGently massage mustard oil once a day for better pink lips.

AlmondsCrush two to three almonds and add milk cream. Make a smooth paste and apply this evenly on your lips two to three times daily.

BeetsGrate 2-inch beetroot and apply this juice on the lips mixed with pure honey will bring back the natural pink lips.

Aloe VeraPick fresh aloe vera leaves, pick out the inner layer, and apply directly onto the lips.

Castor oilLiving in extreme cold or dry climate can damage your lips so quickly. Use a few drops of castor oil each day before going to sleep. Wash it off with lukewarm water the next day.

GlycerinGlycerin, when mixed with rose water and applied on to the lips, can hydrate the lips within. 

HoneyHoney is a natural humectant, which means it attracts moisture where it is applied. The enzymes present in the honey can lighten your skin tone. 

Raspberry These berries are enriched with vital vitamins and antioxidants, which are essential for healthy and rosy pink lips. Raspberries mixed with organic honey and aloe vera can lighten the dark lips to pink lips.

Pink Lip Home Remedies
Pink Lip Home Remedies


Avoid using commercial lip balms as the harmful chemicals present in those can damage your lips very seriously. Use only naturally made lip balms or homemade lip balms.

–    Avoid getting sun exposure too much without any skin protection on the lips.

–    Make sure you wear hats when you go outdoors.

–    Do not suck or lick your lips as they can make your lips dried quickly.  

–    When going on mountains or any extreme cold climate, you must apply some sunscreen on your lips to avoid tan.

–    If the color of lips is dark genetically, there is not much you can do about that do not try excessive scrubbing, it may leave you with dried and damaged lips.

–     Quitting smoking is beneficial for overall health and your lips too.

–    Caffeine use can darken your lips so cut off caffeine intake.

–    Limit your alcohol use.

–     Resist your urge to lick your lips as it will leave the dark, dry, and damaged.

–    Always remove lip makeup before going to sleep.

–    Always focus on exfoliating the dried skin and to apply moisturizer on them.


Regular tanning or darkening of lips are frequent due to our lifestyle, but if you have suddenly developed some severe changes, you must consult a professional. Dark spots due to injuries or any insect bites won’t get treated with home remedies.


So people out here there is no need to worry about lips darkening. There are so many natural home remedies you can try to fix your lips problems. Dry and damaged lips can change the way you look. You can turn your dark lips into pink lips again if you follow perfect lip care regime. Drinking lots of water, scrubbing the dried skin regularly, and applying moisturizer and keeping your lips away from sun exposure can do miracles for you. Having pink and rosy lips are good, but maintaining them is hard.

Always stay hydrated, have proper nutrition, eat your vitamins, have a good source of proteins. Avoid all your bad habits I have mentioned above to maintain rosy lips. I have tried to gather all the information you might need for your lip care, and you must try them and please keep me posted about the results so that we can share more knowledge on the topic. Always ensure to talk to your doctor. To determine the causes behind the darkening of your lips to get the best treatment.

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