Hemorrhoid Homeopathic Treatment – Treating Hemorrhoids With Garlic and Key Lime

If you’ve ever suffered from hemorrhoids, you know what an uncomfortable, embarrassing and painful ailment it can be. Hemorrhoids are actually cushions of tissue that are filled with blood vessels where the anus and rectum meets. There are several common factors that can cause hemorrhoids, such as excessive stress and undue pressure on the rectum due to frequent constipation or chronic diarrhea.

Women who are prone to have a problem with water retention during their menstruation may also suffer from hemorrhoids. Hypertension is also a possible factor that can cause hemorrhoids due to the connection between the vena cava (in the wall of the rectum) and the portal vein. In addition, there are also studies that show that obesity is a factor because of increased pressure on the rectal vein.

Get Instant Relief from Hemorrhoids Using Common Herbs

You may have tried other hemorrhoid medicines in the past which usually come in the form of ointments and creams. If you’ve found them ineffective, or if you want to try an all-natural treatment, then you can start with two common herbs that you probably have access to – garlic and key lime.

The good thing about using all-natural treatments is that there are little or no side effects. In addition, the effectiveness of these herbs in treating hemorrhoids has been tested by time, so you know they are sure to work.

Try Garlic and Key Lime


Garlic (scientific name Allium sativum) has been used since ancient times for both medicinal and culinary purposes. A close relative of the shallot, onion, chive and leek, garlic has a spicy and pungent flavor, and has been proven to have various medicinal properties. One of these is its ability to treat hemorrhoids.

You just need to take a clove of garlic and pound it thoroughly with a pestle or the flat of your kitchen knife. Squeeze the pound garlic in order to get the liquid, and apply this directly to the hemorrhoids. You should begin seeing improvements on your hemorrhoids in only one week, though you may have to continue with this treatment as long as necessary while the hemorrhoid is not fully healed.

Key lime

You can also try to use key lime in treating hemorrhoids. Key lime (scientific name Citrus aurantifolia) is part of the citrus family with its fruit that can range from 2.5 to 5 centimeters in diameter. It is usually picked while it is still green and eaten when it is a ripe yellow.

In order to use key lime, you must take about two to four roots of the key lime tree. Clean it well and boil it in a pot filled with one and one half liters of water. Keep the water boiling until only a liter or so is left of the liquid. Pass the water through a sieve in order to remove the root bits and drink the concoction every evening. You should notice improvements in your hemorrhoids in just a week, although you can continue to drink this until the hemorrhoids are completely gone.

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