5 Foods to Avoid With Hemorrhoids

The body has many ways to tell you if something is wrong. If you have hemorrhoids, it only means that your diet is not that healthy. Perhaps you may think that this is a joke but it’s not. If you are always eating unhealthy food choices, you’re sure to end up with a health condition. Whether you have internal hemorrhoid or a protruding hemorrhoid, you can shrink the swollen veins by knowing the foods to avoid with hemorrhoids.

Since not everyone is comfortable with surgery, natural treatments are really popular including that of witch hazel. You can buy a small bottle of hazel and apply it on the affected area using a cotton ball. You can also apply the gel of Aloe. These two natural remedies are not only cheap but very effective as well. When using home remedies and conventional medicines, you should know the different foods to avoid with hemorrhoids. This includes coffee, alcohol, eggs, red meat, and pastries. Coffee can dehydrate your body and so it can make the stools harder. This is also true with alcohol since it affects the proper functioning of the liver. Eggs contain high proteins which can lead to constipation. The same goes with red meat. Pastries contain high saturated fat which can also harm your liver.

The foods to avoid with hemorrhoids should be able to guide you in preventing this condition. Check out the pics of hemorrhoids and you will know what they look like. Does your stomach feel bad most of the time? This means that you have to eat healthy food items.

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