Body Pain and the Effective 10 Home Remedies for body pain

Body Pain

Body Pain and the Effective 10 Home Remedies for body pain

Body Pain: In this current stressful world, people from all over the world facing severe health-oriented issues, among them body ache is the most highlighting one. Though body ache is considered as one of the standard things among all age group people, still it posses the variety of illness and dangerous condition of the human body. A proper way of medication is strongly recommended to stay healthy.

Body Pain
Body Pain

The reason behind the Occurrence of Body Aches

In most cases, body aches advise because of the modern day lifestyle just like the work nature of standing for a longer period, consistent walk or exercise without proper resting and so. Usually, body aches can be treated by human metabolism, however, in some case, a special way of treatment might be needed.

Even when a human being affected by flu can experience a severe body pain particularly in the muscles and joints. However, there are few other reasons by which you can get body pain here are the few common reasons which might cause severe body aches.


When you got stresses, your body immune system gets affected owing to that it fails to control its responses resulting body will be open to getting infected with various sickness. Once your body gets infected, it will automatically lead towards the body aches.


Water the essential element which plays a vital role in maintaining health over the human body, without it, our body will not function regularly even breathing, and digestion to gets affected. So, when you are dehydrated, your body becomes abnormal resulting physical pain.

Lack of Sleep:

It is the most common reason for people who were living in modern lifestyle on getting body pain. Turn human being needs sound sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours. When those hours get reduced, your body will lose its resting period, and directly it leads towards the body pain.

 Vitamin D Deficiency:

Vitamin D is vital for getting enough calcium for your bone. If you get low blood calcium level, then it will affect your body organs kidneys and muscles and even bones. Owing to that you will get pain in those organs and also in your bones.


If your body is in lack of proper healthy red blood cells, then you body tissues have problems with getting enough quantity of oxygen. On insufficient supply of oxygen, your body will be fatigued and resulting severe body pain.

Signs and Symptom of Body Aches

Well, it is essential to understand the sign and symptoms of the body pains, so that you can able to pin the problem which causes you the body aches and you can take proper medication for treating it. Here are most common signs and symptoms of body aches.

  • Muscle Soreness: In medical terms, the body pain which caused because of the muscle soreness is often referred as the dull point or soreness. This type, of body pain, will be seen one or more muscles or even in isolated areas. In most cases, it will be felt in arms or legs of the human body. Physical activities like walking, running or any form of muscle stretching will lead to muscle soreness.
  •  Reduced Performances: If humans are experiencing the slowness in a response time of their body parts or experiencing reduced mental and also the physical body performances will lead to the body pains.
  • Mood Changes: When you are fully depressed and feel like being irritated, or any other harmful mood will directly lead to the body aches or fatigue.
  • Insomnia: If a person facing irregular sleeping habit or prolonged sleeping patterns will possibly have body aches or fatigue in nature. However, in specific state severe body aches or fatigue will lead to the irregular sleep pattern or insomnia too.

Treating Body Pains

With the advancement of medical technology, one can get cure or treatment for almost all the illness except few. However, when it comes to body aches, it’s better to get clarified with the reason and sign symptoms of body aches before getting medications.

For most cases of body aches, natural home remedies will be enough to treat your body pains. In fact, these home remedies will be the effective treatment when compared with the few body pain treating chemical drugs.

Body Pain
Body Pain

Best ten effective home remedies to cure body pain

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Because of the natural properties of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, the apple cider Vinegar is the excellent and effective method for treating body aches. In fact, apart from consuming as a drink, the apple cider vinegar can also be used as the mixing agent on your bathing water to get extra benefits.

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Apple Cider Vinegar Juice

·         Warm Water

·         Honey

·         Add apple cider vinegar with the warm water

·         Add few kinds of honey to the mixture and devour it.

1 to 2 times per day
  1. Cold/Hot Bag

Placing a cold/hot bag over the painting area will work well since it will control the nerve activity in that area. Once it nerve activity gets reduced, you might feel relief from your pain. In simple words, the bag acts as the temporary anesthesia for treating body aches.

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Ice cubes/cold water or hot water

·         Warm/Cold Water


·         Just apply the bag over the area which causes you trouble.

·         Leave the bag for about 10 minutes in the city

·         Repeat the process 2 to 3 times.

Three times a day
  1. Ginger

The characteristics of Ginger main posses various health-oriented benefits. And the presence of high anti-inflammatory elements along with the analgesic properties makes the ginger as the effective one to treat body pains.

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Pieces of ginger

·         Water

·         Honey

·         Add ginger with the water and boil it for about 5 minutes

·          Add few amounts of honey in that hot mixture and consume it as a hot drink.

Minimum of 3 times per day.
  1. Turmeric

Well, almost all the parts of the southern Asian continents will aware of the medical benefits of the using turmeric. The healing properties of the turmeric turns it as a best and effective home remedy for treating various health issues which includes body aches too. Apart from that it also boosts the immunity system of the human body.

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Turmeric Powder

·         Hot milk

·         Honey

·         Add turmeric powder to the hot milk and mix it well.

·         Once the hot milk starts to help few amounts of honey and consume it.

1 Time a day (Recommend to take before bedtime)
  1. Cinnamon

It is one of the commonly used spices as an ingredient for various food dishes; its natural characteristics give numerous health benefits to the human body, especially the healing properties. Apart from getting rid of the body aches it also improves the overall body health.

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Cinnamon Powder

·         Warm Water

·         Honey

·         Add Cinnamon power with the warm water and stir well.

·         Add honey when it starts cooling and consumes it quickly.

1 time per day
  1. Cayenne Pepper

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Cayenne Pepper Powder

·         Warm Water

·         Honey

·         Add the powdered cayenne pepper with the warm water and mix well

·         Add honey to the liquid mixture and drink it.

1 to 2 times per day
  1. Rosemary

It is one of the herbal products, which posses the effective treatment for inflammatory problems and also for the curing analgesic issues. Because of it, the Rosemary works as an adequate home remedy for treating body pain by nature method. In fact, the rosemary oil can also be used as the active body massages oil all over the body parts.

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Rosemary tea powder

·         Warm Water

·         Honey

·         Add the rosemary tea powder with the warm water and leave it for 10 minutes

·         Once the liquid gets cold, add honey and drink it immediately.

Three times per day
  1. Mustard Oil

If you are suffering from pro-long or continual body aches, then preferring mustard oil would be the best choice. The characteristic property of the mustard oil allyl isothiocyanate plays a significant role in reducing the occurrences of body pain due to inflammation.

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Mustard Oil ·         Apply the sufficient mustard oil all over the body

·         After active body massaging leave it for about 40 minutes and take a bath.

1 time per day
  1. Banana

The presence of high potassium on bananas cures the potassium deficiency over the person. The Potassium deficiency might leads towards the body pain. More importantly, in taking banana will gives you the instant energy.

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Banana · include the Banana in your daily diet menu Minimum 3 to 4 times per day
  1. Cherries

The juice of the cherry fruit is pretty helpful for treating muscular pain and also for the pain caused because of the peripheral neuropathy.

Needed Ingredients What to do? Dosage
·         Unsweetened Cherry Juice ·         Drink a glass of juice Minimum 2 times per day for better results

Tips for preventing Body Aches

In general, the body aches will long-last on the human body, getting proper treatment to treat the body aches is essential to living a healthy life. Here are the few tips for using which you can prevent your body from body aches

  • Giving a proper rest to your body will eventually helps your body to get heal by itself, in case of having any trouble in it.
  •  One should drink plenty of water or any other fluids to keep our human body hydrated enough to stay healthy and active.

Experts often advises having a warm, full body bath on a daily basis in order to keep your body in the good state. Warm bath will helps your body to have good blood circulation.

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